Connection between training & personal development

For customer service, team coaches and managers

Connection between training & personal development

For customer service, team coaches and managers

Open trainings

Take your pick from more than 10 open communication training courses, both online and face to face. 

Custom work

Personalised training completely tailored to your team, both online and face to face. 

Handling dissatisfied customers

After this training, you’ll find it much easier to deal with frustrations, complaints and agressive behavior.

By helping clients proactively without it affecting your energy levels, you’ll feel way more fulfilled and comfortable after a day’s work. 

e-mail communicatie

This customized training will allow you to start writing impactful, empathetic and structured emails.

You will have an understanding of the do’s & don’ts of email communication. 

Going for a breakthrough? We integrate insights and exercice from connecting communication and psychotherapy. This way, fear and uncertainty get less of a hold on you.

This training will allow you to Increase your psychological well-being as your communication. 

Our open range of communication training courses

You can choose from many trainings we offer. 
These hands-on training courses go beyond an ordinary contact center training, customer-focused communication, customer service or team management course.

We pay attention to you as a person. You’ll discover why you communicate the way you do and approach things the way you do. 

Our custom contact center trainings + online courses

We design trainings specifically for your organisation. Resilience training is one of the examples of great trainings we can offer. We also have specific customer service, contact center and communication trainings. In individual and team coaching, we always start off with charting the working motivations.

Our online topics cover online presenting, professional email communication, communicating online with impact, customer-focused telephoning, and customer-focused communication.

Our testemonials

“My team and I found this training very refreshing, efficient and enjoyable! The approach exceeded our expectations, and it has strengthened our team. An important moment, by the way, thanks to Peter’s talent and experience. I can only warmly recommend Pantelco.”


Marie-Dominique Vanderhallen
Supply Chain Manager, JTI


“Our employees have already received many trainings over the years. We wanted a new approach and we are happy to have found it at Pantelco. A training that combines communication skills while also increasing the resilience of our people. Very fascinating! High satisfaction among our employees, also from the contact centers!”

Gerda Van Bockstal

Gerda Van Bockstal
Learning consultant Proximus Corporate University


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