Team Pantelco

Peter Callens

Peter Callens

Peter leads the Pantelco team and is an expert in contact center, personal coaching and intrinsic working motivations.

As a trainer, Peter pays enormous attention to the click with the group. He brings exactly those insights that will lift the employees and the organization to a permanently higher level.
This requires knowledge, preparation and passion.

As a coach, he integrates NLP, bio-feedback and his knowledge of working motivations.

He knows very precisely where to find the real causes. Peter has over 20 years of experience. Contact him all your questions about training, coaching and teams.

Angelo Colabufalo

Angelo Colabufalo

Angelo is an expert in psycho-communication, presentation skills, coaching and contact center management.

He has a tremendous passion for his profession. Angelo has delivered more than 700 successful trainings in Belgium, Italy and France.
As a trainer and coach, he immediately connects with the participants.

He works deeply on the psychology and feeling state. In this way he ensures rapid change.
Creatively, he finds new angles, knows how to intelligently take teams through different phases and create a new vibe.

Your trainer for contact center solutions and presentation skills.

Jean Blondeel

Jean Blondeel

Jean Blondeel has an academic background as a Master in Theoretical and Experimental Psychology. He has further academic qualifications in management business administration and corporate finance.

He draws on more than 25 years of experience as an international business developer.

His strength point is his observational ability to transform (train) entrepreneurs and companies to enter new markets. Your point of contact for international projects: ranges from fully organizing foreign missions to preparing and coaching for international trade shows. Trains in multicultural management and communication.

Karen Verbrugge

Karen Verbrugge

Karen has extensive experience in architecture, movement and corporate theater. Throughout these experiences, she has become more and more immersed in people, in all their aspects.

How can you, as a human being, take yourself to the next level through the right communication and the right insights?

What makes you really touch the other person? How do you achieve clear and good communication?

Karen is called upon as a simulation actress, a facilitator in psycho-body oriented therapy (RAT) and a trainer in communication.


Hans Cuypers

Hans has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and has worked in many European countries as well as in Canada, USA and Brazil.

He provides individual coaching and presentation techniques and is strong in change management, performance management, organizational development, and leadership. Has a lot of knowledge of how to deal with difficult behavior, also on the phone.

Presentation techniques are a great passion for him because as a trainer/coach, he helps people cross thresholds and become visible, instills new insights and ensures a strong impact.

Your trainer for digital communication, management trajectories and presentation skills


Richard Dunstan

Richard is a management professional and has 20 years of operational experience.
Native English speaker.

Master of Customer Service and also a strategic and creative thinker with a curious mind.
Brings the “change” for management and teams with his knowledge and experience.

Richard is your native English speaker for your leadership projects, for coaching skills, customer service and team building.


Iris Pattyn

Iris worked sound engineer on several film sets (such as for “Karakter”, which won an Oscar).

She was responsible for voices at Disney Pictures and for Long Features productions.
20 years ago she discovered the power of voice, sound and dance.

Iris is your voice coach.


Ronald Driesen

Ronald serves as a mentor for the Pantelco team.

Worked for IBM for years and knows how to bring the right thing in the right way with his golden heart and intelligence.

It’s really a pleasure to work with Ronald. Many know him as a particularly warm-hearted and wise man with great knowledge in direct marketing and communications.

Geert Verdonck

Geert Verdonck

As an expert sales trainer, he amassed a particularly strong track record over the past 20 years, with more than 9000 sales people from 500 companies on the counter.

Always with one goal: to grow sales teams with results as the stake.
Because companies want to measure the impact of their training investment, he developed an innovative sales growth concept, where sales teams are trained and mentored in a challenging way, with a clear measurable sales objective in mind.

An increased ROI on training investment, sustainable integration of new competencies and insights, measuring real sales results? Discover here his unique sales-growing concept.