Our vision and your benefits

1. Learning to look at the origin of our behavior

Whether we experience frustration, pleasure or confusion, this all has un underlying reason. Whether we are presenting,facing customers or leading a team, our life experiences have an impact. Each person has been given a life program, and together we will examine this.

2. Translating to the present

Our life experiences are visible in the PRESENT. When we look past this, we can take great leaps as human beings. From now on we establish relationships between our current behavior and past life experiences.

3. The result

Through our approach, we see people letting go of old patterns and allowing them to open up to new experiences. They become gentler towards themselves and develop more empathy towards others.

Your benefits

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1. Why Pantelco?

We provide in-depth personal development.
We train employees, coaches and managers to grow their their emotional intelligence. Even after the training, we keep in touch with your organization to evaluate the results. We offer highly skilled trainers with advanced knowledge in therapy, coaching and other specialties.

2. What can you gain from this?

A partner who acts as a “training architect”: we think along with you. Results: no bla bla, but tools, insights and exercises that result in lasting impact. 
Whether we are providing customer service training, presentation skills, professional welcoming, or team coaching… emotional intelligence is at the heart of the process. Multilingual trainers wanting to leave you with a WOW impression that not only exude passion but also results. 

3. What wil you see in the workplace?

Less complaining and more empowerment.
Increased retention, reduced turnover.
Coaches and team leaders with a clear understanding of their team. More resilience and professionalism. A super customer service. A WOW welcome.

Difficult situations become easier to handle: by phone, face to face, via mail and chat. Teams achieving outstanding success.